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Fun . . . fun . . . August . . .

So as many of you know I am working on a large group image for :iconsimple-tf: and I promise that is completed physically but as I will explain in a moment will not be uploaded for a while now.

First and foremost, I wish to apologize to those of you who paid to be in the image for vanishing and not updating you on the following events: Firstly, my old computer, router, and tablet, all went up in smoke earlier this August--quite literally--. A lighting strike during Florida's major storms last month fried our surge protector which in turn caught fire and spread its flames to my desk, eventually melting my hardware. As of now I lack a true computer of my own, and am borrowing a friend's laptop to update you all on this event. I apologize for not telling you earlier but as I will explain in a moment my life has been hectic for another reason.

I am also, during all this, Directing a play entitled The Guys, it is a three part play about the events of 9/11 and how they affected the Fire Chief who experienced them. Because of this my life has been very busy with working this show and blocking my talented actors. It is also because of this commitment that I had to put this on the back burner for too long. But now as things have calmed down and I am finally getting a hold of the situation I have found the time to relay all this info onto you, my watchers, and fellow group members.

It is my plan to have the full group image completely edited together and uploaded before the end of September, with the only doubt of this occurring should I not find a suitable scanner to add the drawings to my borrowed laptop.

I thank you all in advance for your understanding and apologize again if you are upset. I have already messaged :iconmanicmindsstudio: with this same information I am typing here.

And forever and always!

Peace out!



Nicholas John Lucas Bowers
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Name: Nicholas Bowers

Aliases: Lucas A. Delane, Nexez Shadowheart, Timberwolf, NJLB, Lucian Moonshadow, Swordsade, Xavier Moonshadow, etc.

CoB: Kissimee

DoB: 12/13/1995

Short Bio: Hello I am Nicholas John Lucas Bowers, also known as Nexez Shadow-heart as a furry. Nexez is a maned wolf who is mated with Lauriana Silver-mane a wolf with tiger stripes. I love to write alot, though most of it will probably never end up on here thanks to my laziness. But what will be on here will be my best work so you can look forward to that.

Spreading Knowledge and Furry hugs,
Nexez Shadowheart / NJLB

"Most people wish and everyone can dream. Anyone can hope and pray for their wishes and dreams to come true. But only the few, the brave, will MAKE it come true!" ~ Nicholas Bowers aka Myself

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